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Woman Claims Wisdom Teeth Were Extracted Without Consent

Woman Claims Wisdom Teeth Were Extracted Without Consent

Wisdom teeth extractions are common. Most people have had their third molars removed. However, patients do need to consent to treatment, no matter how widespread it is. One woman is alleging her surgeon extracted her teeth without consent.

On October 4th, Crystal Kennedy filed a malpractice suit against Dr. Reza Movahed and an unnamed dental assistant. She accuses them of performing a procedure without consennt. They are also accused of using “overly aggressive, improper technique[s].”

The Incident

The incident happened in September 2017. In her suit, Kennedy does admit she had scheduled an appointment for removing her four wisdom teeth. However, once in the chair, Kennedy was apprehensive. The woman expressed concerns and doubts about going through with the operation to the unnamed dental assistant.

Kennedy alleges the assistant ignored her concerns and then administered general anesthesia without the patient’s consent. Kennedy claims she could not consent because she was unconscious. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s then-boyfriend signed the informed consent form.

Despite the issues, Dr. Movahed went through with the extraction. It was soon clear that Kennedy had sensitive nerves too close to one of the wisdom teeth. Such a tooth is ineligible for non-complex removal. The procedure should have halted.

Lasting Permanent Damage

According to the claim, Kennedy has suffered permanent damage to the trigeminal nerve. Several doctors have diagnosed Kennedy with trigeminal neuralgia. The injury causes her chronic migraines and vertigo.

According to the Mayo Clinic, trigeminal neuralgia can be debilitating. Sufferers can experience extreme pain just from brushing their teeth or even smiling. Treatment requires anticonvulsants, muscle relaxers, and surgery.

After the procedure, Kennedy claims that Dr. Mevahed tried to downplay the damage and did not refer the patient to a specialist. Kennedy did require additional dental and neurological treatment. Consequently, she missed work and faced hefty medical bills.

As a result, Kennedy is seeking over $50,000 in damages. The money will cover bills, lost wages, and legal fees. She also hopes to prevent such a situation from happening to anyone else.

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