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Wisdom Teeth Stories From Reddit That Will Put Your Mind At Ease

What are wisdom teeth? Why do we need them removed? WebMD says they are the third and final set of molars.

Most people get them in their teens or early twenties. Because they come through at a mature age, we call them wisdom teeth. But some folks never need them removed.

They help you chew when they grow in normally. However, the teeth are usually misaligned. Misalignment is accompanied by intense pain. You need surgery when this happens to extract them.

Medical procedures are scary for most. However, you have nothing to fear. Dental surgery is not open heart surgery. Your life is not in danger if you get them removed.

Ignoring them however is dangerous. Wisdom teeth in the wrong position can allow food to become trapped. This gives cavity-causing bacteria a place where they can grow.

They can also crowd or damage neighboring teeth.

Just get them removed if needed, because nothing bad will happen to you. You will say silly things under anesthesia, but that's about it.

Moreover, you are not alone. Many people have gone through this process.

So your mind is at ease, check out these Reddit stories so you know what to expect.

Wisdom Teeth: A Total Non-Issue

Reddit Wisdom Teeth From Reddit User ValiantSerpant

Eat a Lot of Food Before You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom Teeth From Reddit User ValiantSerpant

Some People Get Really Lucky

Wisdom Teeth From Reddit User TWFM

Relax With Some Laughing Gas

Wisdom Teeth From Reddit User JonWilso

It's Pretty Nice

 From Reddit User FartsGracefully

Do you feel better about wisdom teeth removal now? Because it will most likely happen to you.

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