Single Tooth Implants

Single Tooth Implants

Traditional Dental Implant – Ideal Choice for Replacing a Missing Tooth

Losing a single tooth is a common problem, and most people, if the tooth is in their smile line will want to get it replaced as soon as possible. However, it’s important to replace any tooth that is missing as its loss can affect your overall dental health. Each tooth supports and protects other teeth.

When you lose a tooth, the teeth adjacent to the gap will soon begin to drift toward this space, destabilizing these teeth, and it can affect your bite. 

Also, as the teeth drift out of place, it can create an unsightly appearance.

The bone that used to surround your natural tooth root quickly begins to resorb, and which can further destabilize the teeth adjacent. A single tooth implant is a cost-effective long-term solution that protects and preserves your existing natural teeth and your bite, and it protects your jawbone.

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