Same-Day Dentures

Same-Day Dentures

Dentures give you the confidence to smile if you have missing teeth. You can get same-day dentures either as complete dentures or flexible partial dentures, also called bridges. Flexible dentures may be the solution to your dental woes. If you don’t want to go a day with missing teeth, see a group of dentists open on Saturday for cheap same-day dentures that are made right in the Bronx clinic for your convenience. Dentures dentists in the Bronx can place flexible dentures shortly after your natural teeth are removed. 

You don’t have to go one more day with missing teeth. If you’ve had a tooth extraction or you’re ready for replacement teeth, flexible dentures or flexible partial dentures may be your answer. Either type of artificial substitutes for missing teeth fills in the gaps caused by missing teeth.

Whether you’re ready for a complete set of teeth or you simply need to fill a small gap, your dentist open on Saturday in the Bronx provides a fast, easy procedure. If you don’t have the money to spend on traditional dentures, cheap same-day dentures let you have your smile back immediately.

Quick and Easy

Getting fixed with traditional dentures used to take months and many visits to the dentist. Recent advancements provide you with a much quicker way to get a reasonably well-fitting denture the same day as an extraction. Your teeth are removed for various reasons including:

  • Dental caries
  • Trauma beyond repair
  • Loss of natural teeth with old age

Until recently, the procedure included waiting for your gums to heal after tooth extraction. And the dentures were manufactured off-site at a lab. Now you can get flexible dentures or flexible partial dentures the very same day because the Dentist in the Bronx has a lab on-site. They can take out your teeth and fit you with cheap same-day dentures that you can choose.

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