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No Buyer for Edward VIII’s Wisdom Tooth

No Buyer for Edward VIII’s Wisdom Tooth

Going once, going twice…going not at all. Recently, former royal Edward VII's extracted wisdom tooth went up for auction. It attracted no buyers.

Royal Wisdom Tooth For Sale

The lot for sale included the extracted wisdom tooth, an X-ray, and a dental card signed by Edward himself.

Dentist Hugh Johnson extracted the wisdom tooth in 1940. It had been kept as an heirloom within the dentist's family. Johnson's grandson made the decision to sell the tooth.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather of Omega Auctions originally had high hopes. On the subject, he said, "Edward's romance and subsequent abdication was one of the more remarkable events in contemporary royal history, and interest in his life remains significant, especially amongst collectors."

In short, Fairweather was certain the "unique" item could attracted buyer. He assumed it would sell for anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

It did not. It didn't sell at all. The auction ended with the old stained wisdom tooth remaining unsold.

A Troubled Reign

Edward VII had a tumultuous reign. In fact, he ruled the British Empire for less than a year. At the end of 1936, he abdicated the throne, freeing himself to marry his lover, Wallis Warfield Simpson.

Their affair was a major scandal in its day. After all, Simpson was an American socialite and in the middle of a divorce. At the time, the Church of England was completely against divorces. As a result, Edward VII willingly gave up his crown. He is the only British monarch in history to do so.

The entire story reads like a romantic story of love prevailing over all. However, a hero Edward was not. Edward VII was actually a Nazi sympathizer. Documents unveiled after the war showed the former king was close with high-ranking Nazi officials.

Perhaps these ties with Nazi ideology kept prospective buyers away. Whatever the reason, despite high hopes, the royal's wisdom tooth failed to sell.

The dentist's grandson could always try making some jewelry with the tooth?

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