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LuxDen Dental Center Discount

LuxDen Dental Center Discount

LuxDen Dental Center is a dental clinic in Brooklyn that provides a full array of dental services from crowns and dental bridges to root canal treatments, cosmetic procedures, and cleanings. As a leader in dental implant surgery in New York, LuxDen uses only the latest dental treatments and techniques available for each individual case. The state-of-the-art technology allows making the most accurate diagnosis and ensures only the best results possible. We are currently offering a limited-time event, new patient special that includes panoramic X-ray, professional cleaning, full comprehensive exam and consultation all for the low price of $199. 

LuxDen Dental Center

2579 East 17th Street #11,

Brooklyn, NY 11235

 +1 718 382-3444 

Working Hours:

Monday:  10AM - 8PM

Tuesday:  10AM - 8PM

Wednesday:  Closed

Thursday:  10AM - 8PM

Friday:  10AM - 3PM

Saturday:  Closed

Sunday:  10AM - 3PM

Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

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